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The Journey of Kasp

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Early Days:

It all started off, with a group of unknown guys 'discovering' each other at a college talent hunt, & casually planning to team up together & possibly participate at an Intercollegiate Instrumental Fusion Competition (MALHAR), organised by an esteemed educational institution (St.Xavier's) in Mumbai.

So one fine day, we casually met up for a Jam session, after the lectures, in one of the college rooms..... and the music just started to flow...... It was the first time we were meeting up - each one of us from a totally different musical background.... with a totally different taste.. & totally different music sense as well...... But the chemistry happened to work just too well, & before we knew it, we had our first theme composition ready!!!

The next few days went in structuring & ironing out the composition, adding more ideas & content, & exploring more creative options..... it was all sincere, hard work & dedication...... jamming, composing, practicing & perfecting...... hours & hours of passionate team-work, that led to the birth of "Bleeding Paradise" - our first composition, our first Original.....

We had put our heart & soul into the composition, & the final thing was worth all the effort... & off we went to the competition, to try our hand at the coveted title. There were a huge number of bands out there, each one playing some amazing music.... the auditorium was packed beyond capacity.... the atmosphere was simply electric.... Admist high drama & tension, we were called onto the stage.

The "BLANK" Band!!! : We were the last band to perform in the competition. Before going on stage, we were asked backstage about the Band's Name.... & as we hadn't really though of any name, we asked them to leave it blank (meaning..... no need to announce any 'name'... just the college code would be sufficient)... & we confidently walked up on stage to some great welcome from the crowds, & the next thing we hear.... the compere announcing the "Name" of the band as "BLANK"!!!!! :))

Well, What's in a name afterall, said Shakespeare... & we didn't have much of a choice either..... We just settled on stage & began playing..... & all of a sudden, the composition happened to strike a chord with the audience almost immediately, as they too joined us with their rythmic claps adding percussive support to our piece..... & as the composition flowed on stage, alternating between soulful melody & high energy portions, everything just happened to be so perfect, & we had the time of our life on stage, humbly acknowledging the enthusiastic audience & judges, & bringing an end to the performance.

An hour later, it was a dream come true for us, as we were announed the Winners of the fusion music festival.... it was too big a moment for "Blank".... & the celebrations began!

The next part of the journey....